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The courses we offer at Balanced...

Always balanced never with judgement.


Pregnancy birth and beyond preparation course (online) - A modern, relaxed, informative and friendly course aimed at first time parents where we will cover all aspects of pregnancy, birth and the early days in five sessions. Whilst sharing up to date research with zero bias or judgment we will also discuss local NHS trust facilities and we will be doing so with a big dose of light hearted humour in a comfy low key environment.

£180 (for 2 people)


Refresher course (online)- Also with cake and the same friendly and relaxed environment as the Birth and beyond course, we will refresh ourselves with all the key information over two sessions. We will talk about up to date research whilst also looking at how reflecting on our previous births have impacted how we feel about our upcoming ones.

 £100 (for 2 people)  

Mother and Daughter
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