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Leaves Shadow


Leaves Shadow

Do you cover Hypnobirthing?

Great question! As with all aspects of the course we aim to have a balanced approach to all of your birthing choices, hypnobirthing and some of the pain management stratagies that it teaches is certainly something we will cover as well as other more medicalised options that you will have access to. 

We are an LGBTQ+ couple, are you inclusive?

ABSOLUTLY WE ARE! being inclusive is one of our values that we constantly refer back to in all parts of our course. With zero judgement there is always a warm and welcoming place for everyone.

Do you offer one to one sessions?

We understand that group sessions may not be appropriate for everyone, and if this is the case for you, do get in touch and we can tailor a course either online or in person that suits you best.

What should I expect?

 Expect a warm welcoming environment with a low key, relaxed atmosphere. We cant resist some flowers and candles to practise that ever important oxytocin boost! (more of that to come on the course!) We provide a safe space for everyone to discuss their feelings, concerns and questions. We always break half way for cake and have plenty of drinks and snacks to keep us going in-between this. We encourage discussion - but if you feel more comfortable sitting and listening that's absolutely fine too.    Our approach is always balanced, this includes feeding options and birth choices. We simply offer you fact driven informed information that allows you to make your own choices that are right for you.   At the end of the course our aim is that you feel informed, confident and prepared.   

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